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Time Moves Slowly AND Quickly

December 12, 2011


What a strange feeling.  That time moves at a pace that is relative to your own experiences.  I’m not the first to notice, and won’t be the last.  But it is so clear to me now. Wednesday last week was the 1 year anniversary of when my mom died. That day was quite similar to […]

Summer Sadness

July 6, 2011


Summer sadness is the worst sadness of all!  I know I should be having a good time, and enjoying the summer, but maybe that is part of the sadness, that pressure to be happy, happy! A while ago, I was part of a happy gathering for a handfasting, (a Wiccan wedding-I was part of the […]


May 12, 2011


I guess I’m lucky, because I was at a specialist appointment on Monday, and I got a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appointment today (Thursday). It usually takes a long time to get an appointment, but it so happens that there was a last minute cancellation. I’m glad I got an appointment so quickly, but I […]

Squeeky Clean

February 10, 2011


It is always a satisfying feeling when your six month wait is over and you get your teeth cleaned again. The dentist is a place I used to dread going to, but I like the teeth cleaning.  You go there, and you get that good feeling that comes from your teeth getting thoroughly checked for […]


January 16, 2011


I’m not all that fond of movies, but I watched one a while ago that I found quite good.  I tend to be skeptical of historical dramas, but hey, it was about ancient history, so how could I resist? In this move, the action is centred around the life of Hypatia, who was an actual […]


December 14, 2010


Yes.  Momorial. A memorial joke.  I went there. Last night we had an intimate gathering memorial for my mom.  It was very small because my mom wanted it that way.  No obit in the paper, and only those who were close friends or family were invited. I don’t know if the departed come back to […]

A Life In Images

December 12, 2010


I got together with my sister and brother yesterday to pick out which pictures of my mom we would be using for her memorial.  I thought it would be a dread chore, but it turned out to be kind of fun.  We also came across some pictures that we had never seen before, and pictures […]