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What’s With the Brouhaha?

September 23, 2011


I suppose that Facebook opens itself up to criticism.  After all, one thing that your Facebook friends have in common with you is that they are on Facebook.  So, there is a built in understanding when everyone is posting in their status about how Facebook has fucked them.  Again! Really?  Is that the biggest beef […]


April 9, 2011


Here I am, faced with change again.  I realize it is ridiculous to fear change, considering it is really the only constant in all of our lives. I was wallowing in my own pool of anxiety and guilt yesterday morning (as I often do) and I was thinking about how I have to get a […]

Change and the Average Capricorn

March 23, 2011


Erin would be so proud of me.  I’ve changed my blog’s appearance of my own free will!  And it’s only been a little over a year with the same look. I’m your average Capricorn.  Well, maybe even your “above average” Capricorn, considering my friends refer to me as Captain Capricorn.  Let’s just say that my […]