Bright November

Posted on November 7, 2011


This Fall season has been nice and warm.  Not as warm as other Falls, but warmer than most.

It’s a funny thing, perception.  I had a great time on Halloween handing out candy at a friend couple’s place, and we were out on their porch in our costumes.  It was warm enough to stay out for a while without coats, so that was great.  But after a while, it became chilly and we went inside.

Halloween has always been a bit of a barometer of how Fall is doing, weather wise.  All of the mothers with kids dressed like the dinosaur we saw, where the kid was inside a costume of hot material, were praying that it would be cool.

All of the young women who wanted to dress in skimpy, sexy outfits were hoping it would be warm.  Probably the young men, too!

So, it sticks in my mind, what it was like that night.  I have my perceptions about November, too.  I measure each November with how I feel because Erin always goes out of town for a week.  And I’m always dying to go to the Royal Winter Fair, but it usually falls on the same week that Erin is away, and it’s no fun to go by yourself,  so I usually don’t.  So poor November comes off as a time of sadness, of darkness and of cold.

But this year, Erin was here, so we went to the Royal Winter Fair last Saturday.  I love the fair!  And it has been sunny, too!  The light is uplifting.  Not the usual rainy and cold month.

Erin always laughs when I say things like, “It’s getting dark earlier than ever this year”, because the sun and earth have not changed position, and it is getting dark at exactly the same time as it was before.  It’s just my perception of it.

In a few months, I will notice that spring has come earlier than ever this year, too!  LOL.


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