Getting Away

Posted on October 11, 2011


I just came back from an amazing vacation!  I have a timeshare at a resort, and I go for a week every year.  I can’t believe that it’s been 27 years!

Timeshares make vacationing more affordable.  Instead of, say, buying a whole cottage and maintaining it, you invest in building the resort and only have to pay maintenance fees for the time you are there.

I invested in the building of the resort, and worried at the time if there was actually going to be a resort built, or if it would be any good.

The resort more than met my expectations.  It has gone through some rough patches and economic hard times, but has come through it all, lo these 27 years.

The money I put into it for maintenance has been well spent, too.  There have been multiple upgrades and changes as the years have gone by, and I think some wise choices have been made in that regard.

As an owner, I feel like I have a say, as well.  I like to think I was the one who’s comments drove them to start up recycling (before it was cool-LOL).  If I need anything from the concierge, it is given immediately.

But there has also been a huge change in the small town that the resort is in.  It has never been easier to get to, and the hidden hiking spots that Erin and I used to enjoy have lots of advertising and signage.

I have such mixed feelings about that.  Easy access means that more and more people are coming up and the places that Erin and I would go to that were previously not so well known are now seen by more people.  It used to be that we could go waterfall exploring and hardly come across another person.  Now, my heart sinks when we arrive at a formerly quiet, isolated place and there are a bunch of cars parked there.

I can see that the small towns in and around the area where the resort is need the income that tourists bring.

I’m also aware that when my resort was built back in the day, there were probably people cursing it and saying that it would ruin the place.  So, I guess I can’t really justify my feeling that the whole area is  “mine”.

But I’m disappointed that houses have been built along parts of the Georgian Trail.  It’s like walking through suburbs.  Yuck!

I can’t imagine how many more people go to the resort area in summer than in the fall.  I don’t mind seeing people so much, but sometimes they are loud and I’ve actually seen garbage on the trails.  I mean, come on!  Who goes to the outdoors and then litters?

But there are so many good adventures I could write about, too.  And I will!

Of course, now that I’m back I can only think of how the house can use a cleaning and that laundry has to be done.  Vacation over!


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