Gabby Revisited

Posted on September 29, 2011


I had written in an earlier post about how I came about getting a new cat.  Her name is Gabby, and the earlier post is called Gabby.

She has to be one of the cutest cats I’ve ever known.  Sometimes, I look at her and I almost get overwhelmed because I can’t believe how cute she is.  She’s  waiting at the door when I come in, and she sits on my lap all the time.

She often “talks” too.  Meow, meow.  That’s why her name is Gabby!

She licks my face in the morning to wake me up.  Oddly enough, her tongue isn’t as harsh as a usual cat tongue.  She’ll meow early in the morning for a while, but has learned that it doesn’t get the desired  response, and that I’m not getting up to feed her, so she is slowly beginning to stop it.  I have found that if  I go out to the food bowl,  it isn’t empty at all.  She just wants company, I guess.

She is my workout “buddy”.  She makes sure that she lies right in the middle of my workout mat, so I have to work around her.  She licks the salt off me when I’m doing floorwork.  She once crawled on to my chest when I was doing crunches.  Well, that added to the difficulty factor! Thanks for the help.

When I’m on all fours, doing leg and thigh lifts, she gets under me and plays with the tie strings on my yoga pants.  Every once in a while, a stray claw hits my stomach.  Oh well.  Having her under my legs while I’m on all fours ensures that I don’t let my legs drop, so I guess she is good motivation.  Again, with the helpfulness!

Oh, Gabby.  You are truly in my life now, and integrated into all the aspects of what I do.  And I’m really happy about that!

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