Procrastination. Again.

Posted on September 10, 2011


I think it is funny/sad that the more doable a writing career is for me, the more the procrastination kicks in.  I have worked on the craft of writing for years, joining MeetUp groups, doing workshops and courses.  So, I have the writing part of a writing career down.  And if I separate the emotions and feelings from the writing, I can see that a career in writing is largely a numbers game.  I don’t much believe in luck, but there is an element of right time/right place as well.  But the cold, hard facts are numbers, numbers, numbers.  Send work out and let it be seen by as much people as possible.  It’s that simple.

I currently have a luxury that most writers don’t have.  Time.  I have time that I can use to write, but I find all kinds of different fires to put out throughout the day.  And my writing takes a back burner.

It is said that if you set goals, you shouldn’t start with a goal like, “I’m going to write a novel”.  You should start off with, “Let me write 10 pages a day” or “Let me find a publisher who will like the idea of my novel” and then, “Let me have the courage to send my novel manuscript to this publisher”.

It just seems so much easier to think about the outcome of having a novel published.  First of all, in your fantasies the hard work is done, no payment negotiations or lawyers, and of course it is a best seller.  In your fantasies, the money pours in, and you have your days to yourself, not chained to a 9-5 job with its commute and working with other people.

That is the lure.  You think, “Yeah.  I can do that if I want”. Like at any time, if you felt like trying, you could achieve that.  But you don’t feel like it right now.

Yeah.  I’m too cool to try.  But by not trying, I’m not even achieving failure!


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