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Gabby Revisited

September 29, 2011


I had written in an earlier post about how I came about getting a new cat.  Her name is Gabby, and the earlier post is called Gabby. She has to be one of the cutest cats I’ve ever known.  Sometimes, I look at her and I almost get overwhelmed because I can’t believe how cute […]

What’s With the Brouhaha?

September 23, 2011


I suppose that Facebook opens itself up to criticism.  After all, one thing that your Facebook friends have in common with you is that they are on Facebook.  So, there is a built in understanding when everyone is posting in their status about how Facebook has fucked them.  Again! Really?  Is that the biggest beef […]

Procrastination. Again.

September 10, 2011


I think it is funny/sad that the more doable a writing career is for me, the more the procrastination kicks in.  I have worked on the craft of writing for years, joining MeetUp groups, doing workshops and courses.  So, I have the writing part of a writing career down.  And if I separate the emotions […]

I Can See Clearly Now

September 1, 2011


Well, I went to my dad’s place the other day because a Low Vision Specialist from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) was doing an assessment for him, and seeing what services he might need. Like a majority of the people served by the CNIB, my dad isn’t fully blind but has sight […]