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A Room with a View

May 30, 2011


It’s been a little while since I’ve had a dream about my mom.  Actually, it isn’t I suppose.  In the overall scheme of things, it hasn’t been that long since she died. In little over a week, it will have been 6 months. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  In regards to […]


May 27, 2011


I remember when the 20 Minute Workout was broadcast on City TV in the ’80’s.  I gave it a try.  I thought that if  it was terrible, well, then it was just twenty minutes of my life.  No big deal. That was the show’s big secret.  I could endure 20 minutes a day, and before […]

My 150th Post!

May 19, 2011


That’s right!  This is my 150th post! This is another milestone in my life.  Seems corny, I guess, but I want to celebrate that I haven’t abandoned my blog, like many people seem to do after a while. Not that I blame them.  Sometimes, writing is a chore.  But mostly, it is fun.  It is […]


May 14, 2011


I promised my mom that I would look after her cat, Gabby if she was no longer around.  At the time, my mom was sick but I really didn’t think there would come a time when she was “no longer around”. She feared that my dad would have Gabby “put down” once she wasn’t there […]


May 12, 2011


I guess I’m lucky, because I was at a specialist appointment on Monday, and I got a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appointment today (Thursday). It usually takes a long time to get an appointment, but it so happens that there was a last minute cancellation. I’m glad I got an appointment so quickly, but I […]

Like I Never Left

May 11, 2011


It was just around this time last year when my mom felt sick enough to finally go to the hospital and got diagnosed with cancer.  Who knows how long she was suffering before she admitted to herself that she needed medical attention. She ended up staying in the hospital for a few days, and I […]


May 3, 2011


I watched Juno the other night on TV, and found that the movie suffered from all the commercial breaks.  I was reminded of why I generally don’t watch movies unless I’ve rented them and can watch them all the way through without interruptions.  But there was nothing else on, and I had heard good things […]