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My Future is in the Cards

March 30, 2011


Yesterday I had fun reading Tarot cards and Runes for a paying client.  Reading AND getting paid?  What a rush! (For those who aren’t familiar with the Runes, they are a set of magical letters/symbols from the Norse culture, that are usually carved into wood or stone.  They are put into spreads like Tarot cards, […]

Change and the Average Capricorn

March 23, 2011


Erin would be so proud of me.  I’ve changed my blog’s appearance of my own free will!  And it’s only been a little over a year with the same look. I’m your average Capricorn.  Well, maybe even your “above average” Capricorn, considering my friends refer to me as Captain Capricorn.  Let’s just say that my […]

Are You Being Served?

March 22, 2011


Are You Being Served was on tv the other night, and I watched it with delight.  I remember back when it used to be one of my favourite shows. Certainly, my sitcom tastes have become more sophisticated over the years, but sometimes it is a nice break to laugh at something that doesn’t require much […]

Tights Spot

March 12, 2011


I had something exciting to go to the other day, and as usual, I compulsively prepared what I was wearing and what I needed the night before. The bus only comes  every half hour mid week during non rush hour times.  So, it’s either be half an hour early, or get there just in the […]

Death & Taxes

March 9, 2011


Yesterday, I went to the mall with my dad to get his income tax done by a professional.  It was different this year because my mom died of cancer in December and that makes things a little more complicated. I wonder sometimes why he has me come along to the bank, the lawyer, the funeral […]

In Sickness and In Health

March 2, 2011


Erin has been sick for the last couple of days.   Headache, stuffed up nose, fever, coughing.   Poor guy. He has called in sick from work and we have been together for all that time.  I went out briefly for a walk yesterday and  picked up some stuff for him at the store-ginger ale, Tylenol cold […]