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Monster Cars

January 27, 2011


Big huge cars are a pain in the ass.  At least, for those who aren’t driving those cars. If you get trapped behind one in traffic, you can’t see around it.  Which doesn’t always stop the guy in the car behind you from honking in impatience when you don’t dare trying to get around the […]


January 21, 2011


I’ve noticed an inclination in myself lately to post an accompanying video to my writings.  I mean, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures are off the scale! I think that the videos certainly enhance what I’m trying to say, but let’s face it.  There’s some laziness on my part! I […]

The Other Side

January 19, 2011


Fear and excitement feel very similar.  Except of course, that fear sucks and I’d rather be excited.  But the way that things are  going right now, I’m feeling a bit of both.  It all makes me very anxious. I am currently going through many different beginnings and I don’t what the Hell I’m doing!  One […]


January 16, 2011


I’m not all that fond of movies, but I watched one a while ago that I found quite good.  I tend to be skeptical of historical dramas, but hey, it was about ancient history, so how could I resist? In this move, the action is centred around the life of Hypatia, who was an actual […]

I’m the Birthday Ghoul

January 9, 2011


I celebrated my birthday the other day and the real treat was that Erin was off work so we could spend the whole day together. Erin asked me what I wanted to do.  We have a car so we could go anywhere, and because it was my birthday, I could choose. So, I chose to […]

A New Year

January 2, 2011


Another year behind me, if I want to measure things by the usual calendar.  My time lines don’t necessarily follow the calendar that most people have adopted. My feeling of the Wheel of the Year turning is different, and I feel more like there were new beginnings at Yule or Samhain. I got together on […]